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Shanxi Jincheng Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd. (“Jingang Group”),which was founded in 2002, is situated at Bagong Industrial Park of Jincheng. Currently, the group has developed into a key integrated business of Shanxi Province whose main business is puddling, steel-making, steel rolling and also manage slag powder,  Electricity generation and physical distribution as its sideline. As the most biggest private enterprise in Jincheng City, Jingang Group has 5 Subordinate enterprises, covers an area of 253 hectare and possesses a gross assets of  8.6 billion yuan, as of year end of 2011, total accumulated investment in fixed assets reaches 6.8 billion yuan. The company has employed more than 10700 persons, including 520 technicians with intermediate and senior professional titles, 38 full-time engineers in technology  R&D center. 
       Jincheng Fusheng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd, which is a direct subsidiary of Jingang Group has a annual production of 5.6 million tons of puddling,5.3 million tons of steel-making and 5.05 million tons of steel rolling. 
       A clear strategic target is a core guarantee to the implementation of brand strategy. By it's precisely market positioning, the group aims at the huge demand of construction steel out of the infrastructure construction of the midwest China and sets “Establishing a high quality steel demonstration base in midwest China” as its objective. Besides, the group’s registered brand─“Xin Jin Gang”, is nationwide known nowadays and is widely used in national and provincial key projects, such as “South to north water diversion”,“Daxi high-speed rail”,“Xibao railway” and “Zhengzhou yellow river railway bridge”.
        In recent years, the group has won plenty of honors and rewards, including “National advanced collective of steel industry”, “National top 500 private enterprises of international trading”, “National top 500 enterprises of manufacturing industry”,” top 100 potential private enterprises of Shanxi province”, “ No.10 among the top 30 private business of Shanxi province”, “quality reputation AAA Grade of Shanxi province” and “The excellent private industry of Shanxi province”,etc. At the end of 2011,the registered brand of the Group─“Xin Jin Gang” is accredited as “National famous brand” by National industry and commerce bureau and has won the national metallurgy real object quality “Golden cup award”,which is the top award of the field.Futhermore, we have passed ISO9001,ISO14000,OHSAS18000and ISO10012  Measurement  Management System-the "4 in 1" certification. In December, 2012, the hot-rolled ribbed bar of “Xin Jin Gang” brand has successfully registered in SFHE and is regarded as the standard contractual delivery product of ribbed bar in SFHE.
        Jingang group pays more attention to environmental protection and try its best to build a ”Green Steel City ” by making great efforts to develop recycling economy and low carbon emission industry.
        Keeping the humanization idea in mind, the group always shares the achievement of  development with people by establishing projects involving people’s livelihood and perfecting enterprise culture system comprehensively.
        With the feelings of repaying to the Country by charity, the group bring benefit to locals base on developing local economy and constructing a harmonious enterprise, which highly shows the responsibility of repaying to society.
        Adhering to advancing with the times, the group sets “Blue Sky Green Water” as its objective and goes all out to establish a rich,strong and eco-friendly enterprise.
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